Featured Artist: LooseSquares (@LooseSquares_)

16229059_176648582820574_7620336306064719872_nWhile some people like to think outside the box as opposed to those thinking inside the box, the dynamic duo “LooseSquares” refuses to limit their thinking to in or anywhere around that box. For them, this invisible, societal claustrophobia of one’s thought process does not exist. Their perspective of music does not rest on what nine out of ten listeners deem great hip hop. They are adamant about speaking and living in their truths that ultimately define the essence of their craft. They are true emcees. Born Jalen Austin (J. Sprado) and Malik McDade (Musa), LooseSquares created their group in 2016. In a way, the group16124226_1381137991956613_4227175695408693248_n kind of just “happened.” While listening to some of Jalen’s music one day, Malik became intrigued and wanted to spit some rhymes of his own. It seemed like he visited one day, and in hindsight, never left. This was only the beginning of something extraordinary.  Late nights turned into so many early mornings of finding instrumentals, writing rhymes and recording songs that conveyed a sense of positivity. While most hip hop music today shines light on guns, violence, drugs and the degradation of women, LooseSquares chose to be that other voice to the younger generation, that glorifies life; that appreciates family and the idea of love. This mindset came about having previously dealt with trials of their own. Jalen (J. Sprado) found himself in trouble with the law because of guns and losing a basketball scholarship for Malcolm X College for using marijuana. He even managed to sell drugs for a while until he turned twenty years old. Having parents that never gave up on him and realizing that the streets showed no love, he found solitude in writing music, turning his thoughts and how he felt into poetic art. 20170608_134435Being fascinated with guns and the street life, Malik (Musa) was almost headed down that same road. Once he and Jalen began to put their words and their perspective of life and music to the cadence of a kick drum and hot bassline, it was inevitable that they were headed towards greatness. After having one of their videos, “Anything You Want” submitted for a contest with Coast to Coast Mixtapes, they won first place, with a prize of a $1000 promotion package and a spot for their single on the Coast to Coast Mixtape. Through their music, LooseSquares wants to make people more aware of the challenges in society; growing up and living day to day while trying to embrace a positive lifestyle amongst so much negativity. They want their listeners to glorify living life, loving family and being of sound body and having a sound mind, however they do not condemn those who choose to live differently. While they are very confident in evolving with the constant change in hip hop, their music is made for the younger generation to relate. For them, it’s hip hop with a modern twist. Hip Hop is long overdue for a change. A positive change. If there’s anyone that is up for the challenge, LooseSquares is prepared to take it on.



Check out LooseSquares Current Projects:

“Hit A Nerve” (Single)



“No Sleep” (Single)


Music Videos From LooseSquares

“Anything You Want” Shot by: Laced Visuals

“Squares” Shot By: Laced Visuals

Follow LooseSquares

Twitter: @LooseSquares_

Instagram: Loose.Squares

SoundCloud: @LooseSquares-Music

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