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#NEWVIDEO! “Slide” @JayLewis_12

R&B singer Jay Lewis released a visual for his latest single, “Slide.” This video is sexy and right on time for those late summer nights. Keeping the energy seductive and provocative will make anyone feel desirable. Check out his video above and be sure to follow Jay Lewis on all social media.

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bidshowcase (1)

The 2017 But Itz Dope Showcase is the very first showcase presented by Blvck Wealth Music Group. This showcase is a platform for unsigned hip hop and R&B artists to come and perform, and network with other bloggers, producers, DJs, etc. The show will be held at Grouchos Bar and Grill, 8355 S Pulaski, Chicago, Il, July 28th, 2017 at 9pm. This event is for ages 21 and up. So come out, meet different artists and other media gurus, have a few drinks, eat great food, and enjoy the show!!

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#NEWVIDEO “Killin Me” By: @Omar_Raps


Up and coming artist “Omar RAPS” is making is mark in the Hip Hop scene. Growing up on the eastside of Chicago, where the youth is influenced by money, crime, murder and gangs, “Omar RAPS” uses his musical talents to overcome the stereotypes of young black men. His honest, soulful and emotional lyrics have the potential to deeply impact his hometown. Aspiring to influence the hip hop industry, his video “Killin Me” is definitely a must see!
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Chanelle Truvillion "Bad and Boujee (remix)" Video Release

Chicago’s hottest femcee Chanelle Truvillion releases her anticipated visual for “Bad and Boujee” remix! Her effortless display of real, raw, lyrical prowess will capture you. Flaunting her undeniable sex appeal and owning that “bad and boujee” essence surrounded by her “Tru Cru,” Chanelle Truvillion is definitely one to watch out for because she is sure to dominate. Follow @chanelle_tru on twitter Chanell Tru Facebook

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Trap Queen Vs Black Queen

            Forget about calling yourselves “bitches” because you have now upgraded yourselves to “trap queens.” Congratulations ladies, you’re doing so well for yourselves. At this rate, men will completely forget what it actually means to have even the slightest bit of respect for you. (Insert round of applause) I remember when girls whispered about not being virgins now you have them crowning themselves as trap queens. Let me be the first to bust the bubble for you ladies; that shit ain’t cute. To be completely honest, it is one of the dumbest things you can call yourself, right next to “bitch.” All it took was for an up and coming rapper to glorify a woman being in the trap house with him, cooking up that you know what, counting cash and getting high with him for these close minded, gullible and impressionable women to jump on the trap queen bandwagon. Women would rather learn to roll a blunt with a drug dealer, than learn to cook a decent meal for a hardworking man and his family. Eating at the finest restaurants where their food is paid with money that probably still has cocaine residue on it turns them on and makes them believe they are “living the life.”
        Women are so far removed from reality that they have forgotten what morality is and what makes us respectable and appreciated by decent men. I mean when you really think about it, most women my age, twenty to thirty years old, are always crying about how they want a real man; a man that will take care of them, treat them right, surprise them with over the top wining and dining, just to settle for a nigga (excuse my bluntness) that took them out the hood just to do hood shit. And some of them are still in the hood! This type of mentality is seriously mind boggling to me. So many black women would rather faithfully stand beside the next future inmate than to stand beside the struggling, dedicated, determined future president. He’s the one they call lame, poor, nerd, etc. It’s absolutely disgusting the way young black women carry themselves, thinking that because he showers you with gifts, weed, shelter and expensive meals somehow makes you better and more established than the hardworking, childbearing, sacrificial, meal cooking women. Those are the women you should be aspiring to be; the Black Queen; the one who helps her man build an empire from scratch, through trial and error; the one who respects herself, works to have her own money so she doesn’t have to rely on his pockets all the time; the women who bore children to raise them with class and dignity, not know the words to “Hot Nigga.”
             These women are forgotten and looked down upon because we don’t mind the struggle and the hustle it takes to make a living the honest way. Now do not misinterpret what I am saying. Under no circumstances am I insinuating that there is exactly one kind of black woman to be. All women do not want to be wives or mothers, but that does not make you exempt from being a woman who carries all of the necessary characteristics of an accomplished woman. Sorry, but learning to break down a swisher, fill it with loud, roll it up, flame it, inhale and blow Os does not by any means make you accomplished. Ladies, “Trappin” does not make you look cool, tough, smart, beautiful or anything of the sort. It makes you look weak, incompetent, and completely unattractive. When will you ladies learn that “real men,” are not impressed because you are familiar with trappin and willing to lay down your dignity to be a “trap queen.” What happened to our women wanting to be teachers, lawyers, doctors and actresses?  The black women today scream “fuck love!” just to prove that they can be independent, believing women who’re in love are delusional and actually lonely. (I’ll elaborate on my next post) So they establish themselves as trap queens in the hopes that whoever they’re risking their livelihood for will not necessarily love them, but understand and respect the fact that they have been loyal to their illegal ass grind.
              It’s 2015 and black women are in a horrible place because the black queen is being replaced with a trap queen somewhat fueled by a guy who rapped about it, made a catchy hook they were able to understand and created a video to shine light on his perception or the director of the video’s perception of what the new “queen” is. It is beyond absurd. Black women are sadly detached from what it means to have goals, aspirations and what it means to actually earn a living. Having Malaysian hair weave, rainbow colored acrylic nails, fake ass hazel brown eyes and a man running a trap house have now become what they long for. I’m not saying black women have to divert back to wearing afros and shouting “black power” to make a point, but at least remember what it looks like to be a woman with a career, a husband, her own bank account and children that look up to her. Remember how comforting it is to have a man coming home from work ready to eat a hot meal his woman made for him. Remember what it means for a black woman to be respected and cherished by a black man. The black women today are lost and so confused it sickens me. If being a “trap queen” validates some sort of importance in your life, maybe you should begin reevaluating life itself. Black queens need to reemerge and reclaim our existence very soon, meaning now.

Bitch is the New Nigga

Remember a time when women didn’t stand for being called a bitch; when they respected the name that was give to them at birth? Those are ancient times. Nowadays women would rather refer to themselves as a four legged, drooling, creature that answers to a master who proudly walks them with a leash around their neck. An animal whose ass gets sniffed when the male wants to (for lack of better words) fuck, is what these women prefer to be called. With out further or due, here is a declaration to all you Bitches. In this society, its unfortunate that women have taken on a term usually or almost always used as a derogatory statement by men and women whether its in a song, or said in an aggressive manner to someone who a person now dislikes for that moment. “She’s such a bitch.” “Nothin but bad bitches in here tonight!” I’ll touch on “bad bitch” later. (Insert long dramatic sigh)
 As a culture, we have taken on the term “nigga” and embraced it as a form of endearment. “What’s up my nigga!” We use the term in everyday conversation without realizing that we’ve taken a word used to demean an entire race and somehow coined it as a loving thing. Most people aren’t called by their actual name because they’re greeted with, “nigga” and respond back with, “nigga.” “Nigga did you see the game last night?” “Yea nigga.” The funny thing is that when a person who isn’t a “nigga” or Black if you will, they absolutely under no circumstances can say, Nigga. Its considered disrespectful and racist. Same thing goes for Bitch. If a man calls his woman a bitch, he’s crossed this imaginary line of things he can and can’t say to her. The same thing goes for females. A woman can’t call another woman a bitch and get away with it unless they are close friends and they already refer to each other as Bitch on the daily basis. “Bitch that dress is nice!!” A woman can call herself a bitch all day long and not see anything wrong with it, but the minute someone else calls her one, she tells them how disrespectful they’re being. If a white man says, “what’s up nigga!” to his black friend, he’ll be stared at sideways or possibly get his ass beat.
 The problem is that somehow we have brainwashed ourselves believing that if we say it, its perfectly fine but no one else can. Its a psychological confusion our African american culture shares. Famous celebrities like, Nicki Minaj and Trina have given these women the impression that calling themselves a bitch and placing “bad” in front of it somehow makes them sexy, educated, established and better than the next. “I’m the baddest bitch.” Somehow they believe it makes them tough and superior to the woman who quietly respects herself. Answer this question, since when has anything bad been considered something good? And please don’t say its a figure of speech because its not.
 Bitch has now become a form of endearment especially between women. The only time it can’t be used is when someone who doesn’t like you uses it or your boyfriend or husband uses it in place of your name during an argument. This is why Bitch is the new Nigga. There are rules and stipulations on who can say it and who can address you with that term. Its complete nonsense. If your comfortable with dismissing your birth name and replacing it with such a derogatory and disrespectful term then hey, that is your business. But in return you can’t get mad when people also refer to you as such. Here’s some advice, any self respecting man is not going to respect a woman who on a consistent basis calls herself a bitch, a bad bitch, a pretty bitch, a smart bitch, or any other kind of bitch because all he hears is BITCH. To him you’re a bitch. That’s it. That’s all. When he’s ready to fuck, he’ll tell you that you smell good. When your hungry, he’ll feed you once a day. When he calls, I suggest you come. Need I continue, or do you get the picture? At the end of the day, calling yourself a bitch is nowhere near an indication that you desire respect and love. Its an attention seeking cover up for your probably already insecure personality. The only way for a man to notice you is to prance around wagging your ass (tail) around showing him you’re ready for whatever it is he’s willing to give. You’re constant yelling (barking) trying to force the world to believe and understand that you’re a “Bad Bitch” is annoying and contrary to popular belief you are hysterically laughed at by the women who respect themselves and the men who respect them. Bitch has become the new Nigga and its hard to stomach how some of these women try to justify being a self proclaimed bitch. Let me be the one to tell you there is absolutely nothing cute or sexy or respectable about referring to yourself as a bitch. You look and sound ridiculous. So here’s a toast to all the bitches out there twerking for likes, turnin up in the club , poppin pills and gettin their asses sniffed. You’ve done well for your self respect.


It’s All Fun and Games Until You Lose

Yea it was pretty shocking when he brought home the one woman an entire family dreaded him spending forever with. Shocking to the fact that she was only supposed to be his best friend. She was only supposed to be around for the moment; a few seconds for them to say “hello,” dismiss and then spend the next few hours over glasses of Cabernet cracking jokes about. Who would’ve thought that one “Hello” would turn into accepting the fact that she’d now be an…… DUN DUN DUUUUUNNNN!!!!! IN-LAW!

Often times, mothers believe they always know what’s best for their sons as do fathers with their daughters. Unfortunately neither person realizes that when their child meets that person whom they believe has or at some point will change their life, what they think and how they feel will cease to matter. For example, here you have a young man raised on the invisible, yet indirect verbally notated belief that a woman’s voice in her household is obsolete and irrelevant. Having been brought up in a militant home where his mother’s opinions are downplayed, and feelings are quieted with sarcastic “oks,” he’s unaware of what a headstrong woman looks like. Instead what he sees is women constantly being treated like shit by their men who are very great at paying bills, but absolutely suck at showing empathy and compromise to ensure a fair relationship/marriage. That same woman, who is his mother will try her hardest to assure him that a woman who is the complete opposite of her isn’t the best choice for him. She will try and make him believe that it is not a woman’s duty to speak her mind and stand up to him in the event that he’s actually done something wrong. She’ll refer to that woman as being “bullheaded,” “controlling,” “bossy,’ and anything else she can think of other than simply, strong. If he falls victim to that belief, it will potentially cause him to continue a cycle of overbearing, dictatorial, asshole like men who find courage and comfort in verbally, mentally and emotionally abusing their women. If he defies his mother, she calls him, “weak,” and “manipulated.” She can’t encourage him to embrace a woman who stands up for herself while still allowing him to perfectly manage his manhood because she’s never done it.

And then he marries her. Sure his family will smile, congratulate and send them best wishes, but when they turn their backs to go and reside in their new home, those women in his family will spend days, weeks and eventually the years to come persecuting him for having married that “crazy ass woman.” Oh, and don’t let them hit a hard bump in the road and need his family’s help. They’ll just rub it in his face every chance they get. For kicks, lets just say, he has to come home for a couple of months with his wife and babies until they’ve secured a better home. Everything is running smoothly and then his wife is backed into a corner forced to defend herself against that militant man and another broken, docile woman, this time being his sister. His wife has now been disrespectful because she, while speaking extremely aggressive and having a great deal of conviction behind her words, tells those in-laws of hers that they may not want to, but they will respect her. However she believes she respectfully says it, it gets misconstrued and now, that overbearing, dictatorial, asshole like man I spoke of before feels it is best that he kicks out that man’s wife and children. That mother of his believes this is justified because how dare that wife do what no other woman in that family has done; stand up to a man. Poor guy. Now he’s torn between his wife and his family who taught him that in the end, all he’ll have is them. But that wife, loving her husband beyond his imagination doesn’t give up on him. She still encourages him to appreciate the struggle of proving to his family that who he married is slowly but surely helping him break a vicious and dangerous cycle. Sure enough, they fall hard on better times.

And then the games get nasty. See weak women can never fully, if at all understand how women who are strong minded, yet sympathetically caring to their men can have successful relationships and marriages without feeling helpless and like doormats. Those type of women tend to devote their lives to trying to fuck up relationships that seem the least bit happier than theirs. So finally what these women in his family do is try to convince him that he deserves a woman who knows when to “shut up;” who knows when to take a loss and just let him be an asshole. They disguise that by saying, “Stop letting that woman manipulate you!” Then they try and convince his friends that she’s crazy, and eventually gets so pissed because he hasn’t left her yet and tells him that she’s “tearing his family apart.” Excuse me while I hysterically LOL! For years, they have tried to convince this poor guy that he is making huge mistakes by compromising with his wife, allowing her to have a voice in their household, along with him and considering her feelings. They berate him and try to fuck with his mind, insisting that he can’t be happy with a woman like her. And after they commit the ultimate betrayal, running he and his wife’s name and marriage through the dirt, not to mention completely disrespecting his wife and overall marriage for years, he finally cuts all communication with them. He realizes that in a marriage, it is a husband’s job to help his wife grow and in return, that wife will also assist in his growth. That way, together they only have to stand upon each other and they are the only two who can validate the sacredness in that marriage. He eventually completely leaves that nest and begins building his own tree, with which he and his wife will now create their own nest for their babies to eventually depart.

So you see, in the end, the mental games his family relentlessly tried to play were fought hard against and won by he and his wife. Sure, his family will still have negative things to say. They’ll still have their share of subliminal memes and statuses to post on facebook and instagram. But what they will sadly continue to fail to realize is that it will never amount to the strength and love he and his wife have in their hearts for each other, to go against the grain and come out on top. Talk about all being fair in love and war. Smooches.


Phony Bologna

Have you ever been in one of those situations where a mutual friend is talking about another mutual friend while there not present? Too many times huh? Hey we all do it but some boundaries just shouldn’t be crossed. Its one thing to say, “Girl did you see that shirt Lisa had on? It was ugly right? Lol” And, “Girl, did you know Lisa is really broke, still living with her mom and doesn’t know who her real baby daddy is?” Sometimes people don’t realize that its natural to say things about people when they are not around, but when you are maliciously degrading someone behind their back to your own personal friend or mutual friends, it says a lot about your character which amounts to not much to work with. Often times, women smile in each other’s faces pledging forever friendships and swearing they have so much love for each other, and then go slander those friends one by one to all of them. Its really sad. Growing up, my mom always told me that, if there is something you can’t say to someone in their face, then you need not say it. You never want others to misconstrue your words and make matters worse. So if it needs to be said, say it to whomever its about. Another problem women have is calling each other “bitches” in a “friendly” way and accepting that more than being called by their name. Then when an argument breaks out, the first thing your friend calls you is a bitch. And then you want to get mad. Let’s be real, there is absolutely no nice way to call a woman a bitch. I don’t accept it and I don’t do it. Women will dismiss you from your group of friends in a heartbeat and won’t even explain to you why. They just stop talking to you, stop texting, stop inviting you to things, and you won’t have a clue as to why. They have you on a hunt to retrieve clues that could explain why you’re no longer apart of the “clique.” Its pathetic. Women allow other people to break up their friendships because of what they “heard” about their specific friend. AND THEY BELIEVE IT! The crazy part is your so-called friend will believe a rumor about you, won’t ask you if its true, and out of nowhere just stop talking to you. Like really wtf?! Its mind boggling how people can sit back and smile in your face and then when your not in the room, do damage to your name; talking about your boyfriend and how you’re stupid for letting him move in with you and your kids, with all his kids, all the while barely even knowing him, while supporting his dead end rap career. Or how about telling you how beautiful you were in that dress at their birthday party, and then show pictures of you to the entire family laughing about how bad you REALLY looked. But when you come around, “its all love.” Never think that because someone is telling you everybody’s secrets, that you’re exempt from that stupidity. You’re on that list of people to talk about too honey. You’re the gay one, the crazy one, the home wrecker, and whatever else they can think of to tarnish your name. People do that because they have to keep the attention off of them and their many flaws that prevent them from living a happy life. They’d rather tear people apart because nothing in their life is satisfyingly together. I don’t for a second believe that all women are this way because I don’t believe that all women are miserable. In this world, its hard to have true friends because females are too busy competing with each other. Wouldn’t the world be nicer if women were just a little bit more respecting of the word, “friend?” Its tossed around so loosely these days that it can’t even really be taken seriously anymore. I mean really, how many women can say they’ve held a friend for more than 3 years that were REAL FRIENDS? Don’t worry, I’ll wait…..


And That’s Why You Have More Than One Baby Daddy

What if I told you that the young woman your clowning for having more than one man as a father to her two or three children is married to one of those fathers, stable, happy and grateful to have made the choices she’s made. What would you think of her then? Is she still a ho? Is she still trifling? Are her children still doomed to be ostracized by society for having different fathers? Wait, before you answer, understand that what you think doesn’t even matter. So save it. Its unnerving when people believe that because a woman has more than one “baby daddy,” she’s a horrible decision maker. She’s spreading her legs for whomever wants to lay between them. She has low self esteem…. etc etc.. If you’re a regular citizen, living on a minimum wage income, with a link card in a one bedroom apartment, its frowned upon to have more than one baby daddy. But for celebrities, like Kimora Lee Simmons who has three baby daddies, its looked over. That’s a double standard. There is no gray area for women who have children by different men. Its all black and white. Either you do or you don’t. Women that have children who are in relationships with men that don’t can have it a little hard. Its complicated because he may not know if they’re looking for a father figure to their children, if the biological father is in their life, and whether or not, he may be her next victim. So unfortunately many of those relationships don’t last. Women become depressed because of it, sometimes resenting the father of their children, the children or even themselves. They begin to feel like they’ve made countless mistakes and society will look at them as a statistic rather than a mother. Its really shallow to believe that women who have more than one baby daddy is only looking for a government check, a link card and child support and will continue to get pregnant as long as the government will take care of her. Many of those women are actually in school, working, living on their own and maintaining a decent lifestyle. But they can’t get away from the fact that when they’re walking down the street with there kids who all look different, they get stares from strangers who automatically judge them and their lives. Its sick and I find it to be disgusting. Have you ever thought that some of these women were actually in love with these men. Why aren’t the men ever held accountable? Its always the woman’s fault that her children have different fathers. As a woman I feel its my duty to encourage women in these situations to hold their head high and smile at those who judge them. Your children are not mistakes. Your choices are your choices and its up to you to learn from them and move on. Do not let them hold you back from life. You deserve respect just like the next person regardless of how many men you’ve slept with and had a baby by. Your only responsibility is to take care of your children to the best of your ability, not worry about what people’s opinions of you are. People will talk about you and call you all types of names and challenge your dignity as a woman. So what. I guarantee you love is still out there somewhere waiting for you. Just wait on it.


5 Things Women Need To Stop Doing

1. Expecting him to know what you’re thinking. He never will.
 Many times, women have so many thoughts running laps in their minds about their man, and they often assume he’s just going to automatically know what their thinking. We contemplate why he hasn’t called us, why he hasn’t come to see us, etc and then get mad when he asks that infamous question, “Why didn’t you just say anything?” To us, he is a mind reader. To him, we’re being childish. He has a point. It is childish to assume one knows what you are thinking. Remember that old saying, “closed mouths don’t get fed?” Unless you tell him what it is you want, why you’re upset, what he did wrong, etc he’s just going to assume, its “that time of the month,” like most men do. You have to speak up. When he asks you what’s wrong, TELL HIM. Do not beat around the bush. Do not sugar coat it. Be blunt and direct. There is no sense in stressing yourself out because he can’t figure out another one of your riddles. You will look like the crazy one. And you don’t want him calling you “crazy” right?

2. Waiting for him to do the dishes.
Yes, you are tired. You just had a long day at work. The kids are fed. The food is on the table waiting for him to eat. He devours it and then goes and sits in front of the nearest t.v. You assumed he’d be so nice as to let you relax while he cleans the dishes. WRONG. He will not voluntarily clean the dishes. Should you ask him to and he denies you, then yes, that warrants an attitude. The only thing men are thinking about after eating, is whats on t.v, what work he brought home probably needs to be done, sex and sleep. The last thing on his mind is wiping spaghetti sauce from a plate. Some may argue that all men are not like that. They are correct. But ask yourself ladies, how many men have you dated and/or married have willingly got up and did the dishes? Now if you complain about it enough that he’s not pulling his weight around the house as far as helping you clean it, he may help out a little. Understand that by no means is it ok for a man to think he doesn’t have to help you clean. But be careful with thinking he’s just going to do it.

3. Telling your friends all of your business.
STOP STOP STOP! Telling your girlfriends about that stupid thing he did, or how he pissed you off, or how you think he’s cheating is one of the worst things you can do to your relationship. It is not your Friend’s business to know every single detail about your relationship. They don’t need to know how great the sex is, how big it is, and how great he is with his mouth. It opens the door for curiosity. Every time you tell your girlfriend he made you mad, the first thing her probably single ass says is, “Fuck him. You don’t need him anyway.” (Insert long dramatic sigh) Sometimes its is your friends who are bringing you down and not him because when you end up forgiving him, they give you every reason, why you should have let him go. You then begin to second guess your decision and overall happiness in a relationship that probably seemed better when you weren’t telling your friends everything. They are going to take your side even when you’re wrong. That will be your downfall every single time. When too many people know your business, you leave room for so many spectators that you don’t even understand your own relationship anymore. You’ve given too many people the power to dictate what is a good and bad choice in your love life. Keep your business to yourself. If you have a problem with him, go to him. I guarantee you your thought process on how to deal with the situation will be better.

4. Pressuring him to marry you.
You’ll be single for a long time if you make your man feel like he has to marry you. He’ll do it when he’s ready. Just because you have kids with him does not mean he’s going to marry you. Don’t make him feel obligated to finalize your family with a ring. You end up miserable and so will he. This does not mean you should wait forever nor does it mean you can’t occasionally bring it up. But never ask him when is he going to marry you. His answer will always be, “I don’t know.” And its going to piss you off. He’s being honest. He really doesn’t know. Women generally say marriage and think of the wedding day. Men say marriage and think of the rest of his life being with only you. He has to think about that for a long time. Do not give him an ultimatum; “Either you marry me, or we have to break up.” He will most likely choose option two. No one, especially a man wants to be forced into a lifetime commitment. So be patient. And please, please, please, do not take a promise ring so seriously. You’ll be holding on to it for dear life. Cherish it, yes. But don’t think that just because he promised you that one day he’ll marry you, he will. Things change.

5. Challenging his manhood
You will lose every time. You may not lose verbally, but emotionally, you will. He doesn’t care that you think he’s lazy. He doesn’t care that you believe he should have a better job. If he’s working, appreciate the fact that you don’t have a man whose sitting at home playing Call Of Duty all day. It make not be thousands a month, but its something. Stop telling him he’s not doing enough financially because something is better than nothing. Encouraging him is different from attacking him. Explain to him that you believe he has so much potential and you just want to see him doing better for himself as well as his family. Let him have the last word sometimes. You are not always right! Don’t make him feel like he’s a child and he has to answer to you. He will eventually resent you and the relationship. Just because he doesn’t do something your way does not mean he made a bad decision. It just means he made a different decision. If it ended badly, accept it and help guide him into making a better decision. Don’t make him feel stupid. He’s not. Ladies, please stop saying, “A real man would do….” Or “Be a man!” That will not get your point across and he’s just going to shut you out and walk away. The goal is to work together, not make him feel like he has to do everything, just because he’s a man.

Take heed to these words if you desire a successful relationship. Am I 100% right? Maybe not. But I am experienced in some of these things that women tend to unconsciously do. Lessons are learned and wisdom is gained. So be careful.