Trap Queen Vs Black Queen

            Forget about calling yourselves “bitches” because you have now upgraded yourselves to “trap queens.” Congratulations ladies, you’re doing so well for yourselves. At this rate, men will completely forget what it actually means to have even the slightest bit of respect for you. (Insert round of applause) I remember when girls whispered about not being virgins now you have them crowning themselves as trap queens. Let me be the first to bust the bubble for you ladies; that shit ain’t cute. To be completely honest, it is one of the dumbest things you can call yourself, right next to “bitch.” All it took was for an up and coming rapper to glorify a woman being in the trap house with him, cooking up that you know what, counting cash and getting high with him for these close minded, gullible and impressionable women to jump on the trap queen bandwagon. Women would rather learn to roll a blunt with a drug dealer, than learn to cook a decent meal for a hardworking man and his family. Eating at the finest restaurants where their food is paid with money that probably still has cocaine residue on it turns them on and makes them believe they are “living the life.”
        Women are so far removed from reality that they have forgotten what morality is and what makes us respectable and appreciated by decent men. I mean when you really think about it, most women my age, twenty to thirty years old, are always crying about how they want a real man; a man that will take care of them, treat them right, surprise them with over the top wining and dining, just to settle for a nigga (excuse my bluntness) that took them out the hood just to do hood shit. And some of them are still in the hood! This type of mentality is seriously mind boggling to me. So many black women would rather faithfully stand beside the next future inmate than to stand beside the struggling, dedicated, determined future president. He’s the one they call lame, poor, nerd, etc. It’s absolutely disgusting the way young black women carry themselves, thinking that because he showers you with gifts, weed, shelter and expensive meals somehow makes you better and more established than the hardworking, childbearing, sacrificial, meal cooking women. Those are the women you should be aspiring to be; the Black Queen; the one who helps her man build an empire from scratch, through trial and error; the one who respects herself, works to have her own money so she doesn’t have to rely on his pockets all the time; the women who bore children to raise them with class and dignity, not know the words to “Hot Nigga.”
             These women are forgotten and looked down upon because we don’t mind the struggle and the hustle it takes to make a living the honest way. Now do not misinterpret what I am saying. Under no circumstances am I insinuating that there is exactly one kind of black woman to be. All women do not want to be wives or mothers, but that does not make you exempt from being a woman who carries all of the necessary characteristics of an accomplished woman. Sorry, but learning to break down a swisher, fill it with loud, roll it up, flame it, inhale and blow Os does not by any means make you accomplished. Ladies, “Trappin” does not make you look cool, tough, smart, beautiful or anything of the sort. It makes you look weak, incompetent, and completely unattractive. When will you ladies learn that “real men,” are not impressed because you are familiar with trappin and willing to lay down your dignity to be a “trap queen.” What happened to our women wanting to be teachers, lawyers, doctors and actresses?  The black women today scream “fuck love!” just to prove that they can be independent, believing women who’re in love are delusional and actually lonely. (I’ll elaborate on my next post) So they establish themselves as trap queens in the hopes that whoever they’re risking their livelihood for will not necessarily love them, but understand and respect the fact that they have been loyal to their illegal ass grind.
              It’s 2015 and black women are in a horrible place because the black queen is being replaced with a trap queen somewhat fueled by a guy who rapped about it, made a catchy hook they were able to understand and created a video to shine light on his perception or the director of the video’s perception of what the new “queen” is. It is beyond absurd. Black women are sadly detached from what it means to have goals, aspirations and what it means to actually earn a living. Having Malaysian hair weave, rainbow colored acrylic nails, fake ass hazel brown eyes and a man running a trap house have now become what they long for. I’m not saying black women have to divert back to wearing afros and shouting “black power” to make a point, but at least remember what it looks like to be a woman with a career, a husband, her own bank account and children that look up to her. Remember how comforting it is to have a man coming home from work ready to eat a hot meal his woman made for him. Remember what it means for a black woman to be respected and cherished by a black man. The black women today are lost and so confused it sickens me. If being a “trap queen” validates some sort of importance in your life, maybe you should begin reevaluating life itself. Black queens need to reemerge and reclaim our existence very soon, meaning now.