Bitch is the New Nigga

Remember a time when women didn’t stand for being called a bitch; when they respected the name that was give to them at birth? Those are ancient times. Nowadays women would rather refer to themselves as a four legged, drooling, creature that answers to a master who proudly walks them with a leash around their neck. An animal whose ass gets sniffed when the male wants to (for lack of better words) fuck, is what these women prefer to be called. With out further or due, here is a declaration to all you Bitches. In this society, its unfortunate that women have taken on a term usually or almost always used as a derogatory statement by men and women whether its in a song, or said in an aggressive manner to someone who a person now dislikes for that moment. “She’s such a bitch.” “Nothin but bad bitches in here tonight!” I’ll touch on “bad bitch” later. (Insert long dramatic sigh)
 As a culture, we have taken on the term “nigga” and embraced it as a form of endearment. “What’s up my nigga!” We use the term in everyday conversation without realizing that we’ve taken a word used to demean an entire race and somehow coined it as a loving thing. Most people aren’t called by their actual name because they’re greeted with, “nigga” and respond back with, “nigga.” “Nigga did you see the game last night?” “Yea nigga.” The funny thing is that when a person who isn’t a “nigga” or Black if you will, they absolutely under no circumstances can say, Nigga. Its considered disrespectful and racist. Same thing goes for Bitch. If a man calls his woman a bitch, he’s crossed this imaginary line of things he can and can’t say to her. The same thing goes for females. A woman can’t call another woman a bitch and get away with it unless they are close friends and they already refer to each other as Bitch on the daily basis. “Bitch that dress is nice!!” A woman can call herself a bitch all day long and not see anything wrong with it, but the minute someone else calls her one, she tells them how disrespectful they’re being. If a white man says, “what’s up nigga!” to his black friend, he’ll be stared at sideways or possibly get his ass beat.
 The problem is that somehow we have brainwashed ourselves believing that if we say it, its perfectly fine but no one else can. Its a psychological confusion our African american culture shares. Famous celebrities like, Nicki Minaj and Trina have given these women the impression that calling themselves a bitch and placing “bad” in front of it somehow makes them sexy, educated, established and better than the next. “I’m the baddest bitch.” Somehow they believe it makes them tough and superior to the woman who quietly respects herself. Answer this question, since when has anything bad been considered something good? And please don’t say its a figure of speech because its not.
 Bitch has now become a form of endearment especially between women. The only time it can’t be used is when someone who doesn’t like you uses it or your boyfriend or husband uses it in place of your name during an argument. This is why Bitch is the new Nigga. There are rules and stipulations on who can say it and who can address you with that term. Its complete nonsense. If your comfortable with dismissing your birth name and replacing it with such a derogatory and disrespectful term then hey, that is your business. But in return you can’t get mad when people also refer to you as such. Here’s some advice, any self respecting man is not going to respect a woman who on a consistent basis calls herself a bitch, a bad bitch, a pretty bitch, a smart bitch, or any other kind of bitch because all he hears is BITCH. To him you’re a bitch. That’s it. That’s all. When he’s ready to fuck, he’ll tell you that you smell good. When your hungry, he’ll feed you once a day. When he calls, I suggest you come. Need I continue, or do you get the picture? At the end of the day, calling yourself a bitch is nowhere near an indication that you desire respect and love. Its an attention seeking cover up for your probably already insecure personality. The only way for a man to notice you is to prance around wagging your ass (tail) around showing him you’re ready for whatever it is he’s willing to give. You’re constant yelling (barking) trying to force the world to believe and understand that you’re a “Bad Bitch” is annoying and contrary to popular belief you are hysterically laughed at by the women who respect themselves and the men who respect them. Bitch has become the new Nigga and its hard to stomach how some of these women try to justify being a self proclaimed bitch. Let me be the one to tell you there is absolutely nothing cute or sexy or respectable about referring to yourself as a bitch. You look and sound ridiculous. So here’s a toast to all the bitches out there twerking for likes, turnin up in the club , poppin pills and gettin their asses sniffed. You’ve done well for your self respect.