Phony Bologna

Have you ever been in one of those situations where a mutual friend is talking about another mutual friend while there not present? Too many times huh? Hey we all do it but some boundaries just shouldn’t be crossed. Its one thing to say, “Girl did you see that shirt Lisa had on? It was ugly right? Lol” And, “Girl, did you know Lisa is really broke, still living with her mom and doesn’t know who her real baby daddy is?” Sometimes people don’t realize that its natural to say things about people when they are not around, but when you are maliciously degrading someone behind their back to your own personal friend or mutual friends, it says a lot about your character which amounts to not much to work with. Often times, women smile in each other’s faces pledging forever friendships and swearing they have so much love for each other, and then go slander those friends one by one to all of them. Its really sad. Growing up, my mom always told me that, if there is something you can’t say to someone in their face, then you need not say it. You never want others to misconstrue your words and make matters worse. So if it needs to be said, say it to whomever its about. Another problem women have is calling each other “bitches” in a “friendly” way and accepting that more than being called by their name. Then when an argument breaks out, the first thing your friend calls you is a bitch. And then you want to get mad. Let’s be real, there is absolutely no nice way to call a woman a bitch. I don’t accept it and I don’t do it. Women will dismiss you from your group of friends in a heartbeat and won’t even explain to you why. They just stop talking to you, stop texting, stop inviting you to things, and you won’t have a clue as to why. They have you on a hunt to retrieve clues that could explain why you’re no longer apart of the “clique.” Its pathetic. Women allow other people to break up their friendships because of what they “heard” about their specific friend. AND THEY BELIEVE IT! The crazy part is your so-called friend will believe a rumor about you, won’t ask you if its true, and out of nowhere just stop talking to you. Like really wtf?! Its mind boggling how people can sit back and smile in your face and then when your not in the room, do damage to your name; talking about your boyfriend and how you’re stupid for letting him move in with you and your kids, with all his kids, all the while barely even knowing him, while supporting his dead end rap career. Or how about telling you how beautiful you were in that dress at their birthday party, and then show pictures of you to the entire family laughing about how bad you REALLY looked. But when you come around, “its all love.” Never think that because someone is telling you everybody’s secrets, that you’re exempt from that stupidity. You’re on that list of people to talk about too honey. You’re the gay one, the crazy one, the home wrecker, and whatever else they can think of to tarnish your name. People do that because they have to keep the attention off of them and their many flaws that prevent them from living a happy life. They’d rather tear people apart because nothing in their life is satisfyingly together. I don’t for a second believe that all women are this way because I don’t believe that all women are miserable. In this world, its hard to have true friends because females are too busy competing with each other. Wouldn’t the world be nicer if women were just a little bit more respecting of the word, “friend?” Its tossed around so loosely these days that it can’t even really be taken seriously anymore. I mean really, how many women can say they’ve held a friend for more than 3 years that were REAL FRIENDS? Don’t worry, I’ll wait…..

3 thoughts on “Phony Bologna”

  1. This couldn't be any truer. I see this with women all the time. Its all smiles in each other face but wen away they hit their “friend” with the “stank face” and talk shit behind their back. Smh


  2. This couldn't be any truer. I see this with women all the time. Its all smiles in each other face but wen away they hit their “friend” with the “stank face” and talk shit behind their back. Smh


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