To Fake or Not to Fake

Have you ever questioned whether or not your significant other exaggerated that big explosion in the bedroom? I’d have to say, for men, that can be very hard to do but on the other hand I wouldn’t put it past them. I for one believe that if you have to fake it, you shouldn’t be doing it. Why lie about your satisfaction. To be clear, this does not mean that sex can’t be great without experiencing an orgasm, but I mean be real, everybody wants to have one. As a woman, I find it insulting to make your partner believe he helped you reach climax if you didn’t. There is no need to boost his ego. Teach him to help you get there, rather than spend so much time of your life lying there with fake moaning and groaning while he explodes all his sexual energy into you, on you, the bed, floor or wherever. You’re kind of selling yourself short ladies. Further more, men who knows their way around the female anatomy and how it works can probably determine if you’re faking it with him. All women may not react the same, but it’s very likely that the female body responds a certain way during an orgasm. So be very careful with that. Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes you just want it to be over, because he’s taken 30 minutes to thrust and you still haven’t gotten there but your tired; so you release an overly exaggerated scream, scratched his back, and sighed of relief, knowing you’re as dry as the desert. Its not fair to you ladies. Many people have tried to document that only 7% of women actually reach orgasm. In what world exactly. In my opinion, orgasms are not scientific. Its all about your mental state; relaxing your body and being completely open and comfortable with your mate. Its knowing what feels good to you. Its being aware that concentration and a sense of attraction to your mate is a key factor. It doesn’t happen the same for every woman, however its very possible. Don’t waste your time faking it to make him feel good about himself. You’ll end up annoyed and used for his own satisfaction. Help him to help you. Stop selling yourselves short ladies. Speak up. Help him get you there. Your love life will be so much better.

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