Mother In-laws Are Not Your Friend

If you’re a woman on the verge of marriage or a married woman, you probably should know that your future or present Mother In-law is not, nor will she ever be your friend. She is merely there to support her sons’s decision to marry you. She is hoping for his happiness. Sure, she may respect you. She may even hold hour long conversations with you. But when he’s upset with you, she’s upset with you. When he’s done being with you, she’s done being with you. The point of saying all of this is, it is not your job to please your Mother In-law. You are under no circumstances required to prove anything to her, when it comes to your husband, her son. She will have her opinions. She will give him advice. She will tell him what he should and shouldn’t put up with. NONE OF THAT MATTERS. His love for you will trump all of that. When you have his children, she may treat you like you know nothing about taking care of children and you should take heed to her unsolicited advice and constant stories about her experience. IGNORE IT. Be respectful, but nonetheless, ignore it. Never go to her complaining about your husband. She will take his side. Your marriage is not her business. Successful marriages require a lot of privacy. Therefore, your marriage woes should not be discussed with anyone, especially your Mother In-law. Be mindful that her loyalty is not to you. It is to her son. But the only loyalty that is important in your marriage is your loyalty towards each other. Understand this is not a post to bash Mother in-laws. Its just opinionated information that you may want to invite into your marriage.

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